First it let’s us know if a buyer is really interested. Secondly, it motivates a buyer to view the equipment if they deem it necessary. Thirdly, it’s how we stay in business and pays for our development, marketing and advertising costs.

Easy, visit our contact page or give us a call at (208) 420-1480.

We ask all sellers to market thier equipment at the actual price they want to get for it, not at a higher price that can be negotiated down. Pivots Plus takes a percentage of the listing price and not the actual sales price. If you asked $50,000 for your equipment and actually sold it for $47,000. The buyer has paid us $5,000, so they buyer would owe the seller the difference which is $42,000.

No we are not an auction website like ebay. Pivots Plus is more like a classified ads directory, but you don’t pay an up-front cost for listings until your used irrigation equipment sells.

We’ve just started! Pivots Plus is a new business adventure, although we bring over 40 years of combined Irrigation sales and marketing experience to the table.

No. We’ve determined that online marketing was the best way to advertise used irrigation equipment, so we devoted our resources to that medium. Most of our work is out of a pick up truck or on the road. That’s just how we roll.

We can get freight on almost any location in the United States and much of Canada. We also can contractors to disassemble and facilitate loading.

At this point we are just facilitators of the transaction, matching sellers and buyers. Our focus at this point is marketing and advertising your listings.