About Pivots Plus

Our experience in Pivot Irrigation systems spans nearly 40 years and over that time we’ve worked with all brands of irrigation equipment.

Mike’s irrigation experience started with Agri-Lines Irrigation where he eventually became a part-owner. Later he left to start Sunrise Irrigation and between those jobs he gained experience designing  Zimmatic, Valley, and Pierce Pivot solutions. After Sunrise, he became the Western United States Territory Manager for T-L Irrigation. In 2009, his son, Chad and him began planning an online destination focused on the used irrigation market. Mike spent his days on the phone, while Chad spent his nights creating and marketing the site. It became a family affair as Peggy kept the expenses in check.

How it works

For Sellers

If you are a seller, we help evaluate what your equipment is worth. We can look into our database of sold equipment to come up with a price.

We charge a percentage of the sales price (10-15%) depending on the type of sale. Buyers are given a numbers of days to complete the transaction, otherwise the invoice is void.

Want to get started? We’ll send you an equipment data sheet to get all the information about your equipment, along with a sellers agreement. We ask that you send these items back along with some photos and that’s it. We’ll take care of the rest.

For Buyers

The step for buyers is simple. View our inventory listings and if you see anything that you like contact us.