Used T-L Pivot 0080 Spans Only

Price: $16,667
Location: Louisiana
Brand: T-L
Year: 2002
Span Lengths & pipe diameter: 7 Spans x 6 5/8" pipe x 177.6'
Gear Box Brand: T-L
Gear Box Type: worm
Main Panel Brand: Has Belt drive hydraulic pump
Auto Reverse Location: At end tower
Sprinkler Drop Type Height: Steel drops and overhead
Overhead/Boom Length: None
Total Length: 1243' + -
Tire Size: 14.9 x 24
Tire Condition: Good
Pipe Condition: Solid, but has some rust
Electrical Condition: N/A
Other Comments: Pivot has a belt drive hydraulic system, no pivot point, no end control or overhang. Tear Down and Loading available for $5,593.50.

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